My Introduction to Laura Mercier

I've been wanting to try out Laura Mercier's product for ages. This palette I've been eyeing since last xmas. 

This year I decided to just get it. I think that getting a small palette is a great way to try out a cosmetic brand that you are unfamiliar with. I also wanted to get a palette which would come in handy for travelling. I am not a big make up wearer, so this palette is handy not just for travel but also for my everyday make up. After trying out this palette for awhile, some I like and some is a bit iffy. I love the blushers and the lip glace. I thought the lighter colour blush would not show up well on my tan skin, but don't let the light colour fool you. That blush is very pigmented. The shadows and cake eyeliner is a different matter altogether. It is not as pigmented as I hope it would be. I've read reviews on the cake eye liner and some use it wet. I've been doing that since and it does help a bit.

As for the caviar sticks. Oh my god! I am so in love with these babies. I swatched the colour Amethyst once in Sephora and I was so impressed with the staying power of it. The colours are beautiful. I thought that I would love the shimmer ones like Rose Gold and Amethyst, but somehow I seem to gravitate towards Cocoa and Khaki which is a bit more of a solid colour. I am a complete noob when it comes to eye makeup. Can't do a gradient shadow or blend a shadow to save my life. I prefer sticking to one colour and just slap it all over my lid. So these caviar sticks, I love, love, love!

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  1. This is such a good makeup starter kit!! Can't convey how much I love the caviar sticks!!