Weekend Wardrobe 2015 #21 : Striped & Oversized

I am a big fan of just t-shirt and jeans. I love how I am able to work around that base to bring something a little bit more extra. In this case, my outerwear played a pivotal part with it's striped and oversized combination. 
Have you seen my Thrifts Finds 2015 #1 video? If you have, then this coat might be familiar to you. I was so stoked when I found this coat and I can tell that it will be one of my favourite thrift finds of 2015. 

I have been wearing this coat often lately, throwing it on when the day gets a bit chilly. I thought I would have trouble pairing this coat with my outfits but so far it has worked well. However, what I love most about it is how it can elevate a simple t-shirt and jeans. 

Top : Sportsgirl, Bottom: ASOS Ridley Jeans, Outerwear : Thrifted,
Bag : Pieces from ASOS, Watch : Casio, Shoes : Lipstik

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