Weekend Wardrobe 2015 #26 : Different Vibes

I don't know what it is but whenever the weather is dreary and gloomy, my hands would automatically reach for my white jeans. Maybe I was hoping to brighten up the day a bit with the pair of white jeans.

When I thrifted this jacket, I knew that it would crop up often in my outfit posts. However, I had the challenge of coming up with different ways to wear this jacket.

I've worn it many times in between outfits but I've only featured it in one other outfit post which you can check it out here. I guess at a glance it would look pretty similar because the jacket is such a focal point. However, tweaking a bit here and there like the white jeans, added with the brogues and the black clutch gives the outfit a whole different vibe.

Top : Sportsgirl, Outerwear : Thrifted, Bottom : Gap, Shoes : New Look,
Clutch : Milktee, Watch : Casio, Necklace : Sportsgirl

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