Weekend Wardrobe 2015 #28 : Gazelle

I might have cheated a just a wee bit during my shopping ban. Honestly though, I did not expect these pair of shoes to arrive so soon. I was expecting it in the first week of May. Talk about great delivery service. 

While I might have succumbed towards the end, well, no, I wouldn't say succumbed. It was only a few days before end of month. Trying to justify myself here, but, I still lasted quite awhile without any clothes shopping so I'm kinda proud of myself. One good thing about my 2 months shopping ban is the fact that I had a chance to mull over what I wanted to get. Not to say that I think about it every single day, but it pops into my mind once in awhile on items that I need for my wardrobe. If it pops up more frequently, then there is something to go on there.

I needed a pair of sneakers, something casual that can be worn on an everyday basis like my black boots. I've been seeing Nike Free Runs / Roshe everywhere and I thought to myself, right, I'll look to Adidas then :P I don't really have my game on when it comes to the latest sneaker trends. When I was deciding which one to get, I was looking more at the design, something that would not look too chunky with my short, stumpy, skinny legs. My initial choice was the Adidas Women Honey Low Stripes. It had a slim design and the 3 white stripes, buuuttttt, towards the middle of my 2 months shopping ban period, it was out of stock on the Adidas website!! Sigh, back to the drawing board as they say. My husband suggested the Gazelles and I immediately fell in love with it. I got it in the smallest men size that they had and it fits perfectly. You're probably going to see this pair often in future outfit posts so don't say I didn't warn you :P

Top : Sportsgirl, Cardigan : Daisy Street from ASOS, Bottoms : Front Row Shop,
Bag : Deadly Ponies, Necklace : Sportsgirl, Shoes : Adidas 'Gazelle OG' (Link)

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