Eid Mubarak

Ramadhan has passed with just the blink of an eye. Eid this year was celebrated with the Newcastle 'family'. However, in addition to Eid preparation other major changes has been happening as well. Alhamdulillah, my husband managed to secure a job offer in Sydney. So we are currently in a transition period. Relocating from Newcastle to Sydney. 

With all the happenings going on, we did not get a chance to take a picture on the first day. We only managed to grab a few on the 2nd day, even that was towards the end of the day.  I hope, to the ones celebrating, you had a wonderful and blessed Eid. We were grateful for this year and are looking forward to next year.
However, I still wanted to share my outfit details so I had to make do with an Eid OOTD under a makeshift light at home :P.  The bottom was from previous years 'baju kurung' outfit, while the top was from MNG. I bought the top thinking that it could pass off as a 'baju kurung' top or even a 'baju kedah'. What do you think of my ingenuity? 

Top : MNG from The Iconic (Link), Bottom : Tailor-made, 
Necklace : Sportsgirl, Watch : Casio (Link)

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