A Tricky Pair

Even though I showed mad love to this pair of joggers in my previous posts, I have to admit it is a bit of a tricky one to style.

Because it is a pair of joggers, I needed to make sure that I did not dress it down too much. There is a tendency of pairing joggers with pieces that could make you look as if you walked out of the house with just your loungewear.

To do that, I find that the easiest way is to pair the joggers with smart pieces. It strikes a fine balance between dressing up and dressing down. It makes it seem that the choice of the joggers were intended, instead of it being something that you wear just because you were too lazy to make an effort with your outfit.

Underlayer : Milktee.nu, Jumper : Wite, Bottom : ASOS,
Bag : Monki, Shoes : New Look, Watch : Casio

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