Weekend Wardrobe 2015 #32 : The 'Sporty Spice' in Me

I don't usually dress sporty. It's not a look that I prefer but on a weekend, it seemed like the right vibe to go for.
I'm not too sure if this outfit falls under the sporty look category, but I would have to think it does. Joggers? Check. Sweatshirt? Check. Trainers? Check. Should I have gone for a backpack instead? Hhhmm, don't think so. It would have been an overkill, in my case, if I did.

On a side note, our move to Sydney did not come to fruition. I guess, it just wasn't meant to be. Plus, to be honest, my heart was still in Newcastle :)

Top : MNG, Bottom : ASOS, Bag : Pieces from ASOS,
Shoes : Adidas 'Gazelle', Watch : Casio

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