Black & Navy

I started a bit late but I've been dabbling a bit with the capsule wardrobe challenge. I've been reading about it and doing some research on it for a few months. I've heard about Project 333 and the 5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge and the whole idea of it is interesting.
With the challenge, the idea is to execute a capsule wardrobe at the early of the season but I was hesitant at first, worried I can't pull it off. A few weeks ago, I thought I would attempt to do it for the rest of this season and if I'm comfortable with it, I'll do the full challenge for the upcoming Spring.

After reading up on different types of capsule wardrobe challenge out there, I felt the most comfortable with the challenge from Un-Fancy. I feel like I could work with 37 pieces and it does not include accessories which I just love to change often. However, I am not strictly following the rule of that challenge, just the basic idea of it. On top of that, the shopping ban (fashion items only i.e. clothes & accessories) I'm imposing until the end of the season fits into the capsule wardrobe challenge. When I read up on capsule wardrobe, the rules are merely a guideline for you to modify to suit your needs. It ultimately has to be something you are comfortable with.

I can't wait to fully attempt this challenge, but for the rest of the season you would most likely see the same pieces coming up on this blog but styled in different ways. Such as the combination of black & navy which seems to be a favourite of mine for this winter. 

Top : Bardot, Cardigan : Daisy Street, 
Bottom : Front Row Shop, Shoes : Spurr, Watch : Casio

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