Just Add Colour

Colouring books are blowing up all over! And this was one trend that I did not mind jumping on the bandwagon with. I've been going crazy over colouring lately. I'll go to the bookstores and there would be numerous options to choose from. 

There are a lot of books out there with such beautiful, detailed and intricate illustrations. It is a delight to look at. The purpose of adult colouring books are meant to be relaxing and therapeutic. However, I find that the illustrations can be too detailed and intricate. Even though they are lovely, I for one do not have the patience or the determination to colour them.  It would be so frustrating to colour those illustrations! 

I was in the market for a new colouring book. I browsed through a lot of colouring books at different stores and I finally settled on this one. I knew exactly the kind of colouring book that I want. I wanted beautiful illustrations but something that wasn't too detailed and complicated. This book was exactly that!

There are several types in the Just Add Colour series by Lisa Congdon. I settled for the Folk Art edition because it appealed to me. And I absolutely love colouring these illustrations. It isn't too detailed that you would go, 'when am I going to finish colouring this?!' 

The pages are also perforated so you can tear it off and frame them if you want. I also like the quality of the paper. It isn't flimsy and if you use colouring pens, the colour won't bleed through on the other side. The best part is, I only bought it for $12 at Big W! 

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