Them Slides and Minis

I've always been partial to stripes BUT the point of this post isn't about the stripe shirt. Though it is a nice one, which I got on sale by the way. Tip : always head on over to the sale section first, because you might just stumble across some gems, but, I digress.

The point of this post ladies, is as per the title, them slides and minis. This pair of slides are my new obsession! I have had them in my closet for quite some time. Couldn't pull it out because it was still boots season. Boy, am I glad Spring is here now. I've been using my Birkenstocks way too much last Spring & Summer, I thought this year, the addition of the slides will give a bit of variety to my footwear. 

The minis in this post refers to my Mini Kanken. I usually pull out this bag when I go on hikes. Then I thought, for the fun of it, I'll just use it as a handbag for the day. The size is the perfect handbag size and I carried it top handle. Towards the end of the day, when I got tired of carrying it that way, I just loosen the straps and slung it over my shoulder. 

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