Busy month and a stress-free weekend...

it's been a busy month for me at work and others as well..was sent out to do 2 audits and thats not counting the bookkeeping at client's site that i have to do..thanx to my dearest barry...he chose just the rite time to take a study leave...but still after all the help that he's given to me it's the least i could do..and am also glad that others are being sent out to do audit as well i.e ian...padan muka..

but seriously, its been hectic...i just hope i can at least close off one of these audits as soon as possible with stephen..at the very least the kwcd one coz that audit is much more clean cut than the ccp audit which is a total mess..i just don't know what the girl is doing with her bank rec..it's a total mess like seriously..

at least i had a good weekend, went to watch Accidental Husband wit Syah and Et...hhhhhmm, James Dean Morgan is dreamy...u know the kind that eventhough they look a bit older u still don't mind gettin ur hands on them...sighhhh...

then went to Howth on sunday...yes,yes i readily eventhough ashamedly(is dat even a word...i dun care i'll say that it is a word) admit that i've been here in dublin for 2 years and yet that was my first trip to howth...and it was only like half and hour wit the Dart...*smiling sheepishly*

it was a nice place..but the thing i loved most was the smell of the beach..this coming from a girl who lived in an island..shows just how much i miss the beach..back at home i could just hop in the car and it'll only be a 10 mins drive to the beach..
it was small,quaint and cozy..a perfect weekend outing..but hell was it freezing!still it beats staying at home watching the idiotbox...

today then i woke up to the sound of the house bell courtesy of encik izwan fadzil who dropped by on his way from the airport to his house...couldn't sleep back after that...got ready to go out to see the parade in conjunction wit Paddy's Day! i even got in d mood by wearing a green top...the weather looked nice..it was sunny and cloudy..but don't let it fool you..coz the wind was nasty...waiting for the parade to get to our side with the wind blowing was awful..we were totally freezing...the parade was nice enuff i guess...

thought of renting a car and going to waterford this weekend as i have this sudden urge to hop in a car and go for a road trip..unfortunately, thats one trip that i'd have to postpone due to a couple of circumstances...


  1. 'due to a couple of circumstances'- driving license mati berangan nk ajak jalan!hampeh.

    i know ur going to say: at least ade,but still..ade takleh gune gak.heee..

    mari menyanyi je la, tayah gue license ;p

  2. oit!oit!takpe tunggu kami dah post balik suruh acin renew!
    nanti dah dpt kite buat roadtrip...plus pokai maaa!!
    eh, adakah maksud kamu kite ganti dgn karaoke session lak?