Ever since i came back i cry every other week..not a month pass by where i dont cry..n now it seems that i cry almost everyday now..letih la mcm nie..

I try to distract myself..but it can only distract me up to a point..i try not to stay at home on my own too much but at the end of the day i still would come back home to an empty house..

When is it gonna stop?


  1. errr..when I asked for update I didnt really see this coming!

    Ada, kenapekah ini? dont keep it to yourself, cry if u have to but talk to someone okay? *hugsssss*

    cheer up now.go do some sports- thats a good distraction!(if u really need distraction)
    joint a gym, fill up your times.

    i'm sorry i hardly be there for u :(

  2. yes, find some stuff to do (whatever it is) that will keep ur mind and body occupied.

    ...coffee sessions with ur gfs, movies, futsal, whatever rocks ur boat babe.

    but mind you, all these will keep you occupied temporarily. for me, its kind of like a self defense mechanism and it helps you to move on with life (or maybe running away from it). the most important thing to actually get over things, lies deep within urself. u have to have a strong will power, and i know u have it.

    remember,"you've been through worst..i'm sure u'll get through this one" :)