Candle Works

I'm not much of a candle person. In fact this candle right here was bought last year and it took me some time to get through it. Honestly though, I was disappointed with it because the smell wasn't as nice and strong as I hoped it would be. Burning soy melts somehow gave a stronger fragrance.
BUT, all is not lost because at the end of it, I am left with a gorgeous container that I can use to store my earrings as pictured above.
Even with all that trouble of going through one candle (ok, that was slightly exaggerating), I still went out and got 2 new candles. I could not decide between the 2 scents so I just went for both. Sundry has a freshly laundered linen scent, whereas Sprig has a bit of a green scent to it. Hahaha, how bad am I at describing scents!

I have lit up Sprig a couple times and I am really liking the subtle scent that it has. It might not be as strong as I hoped for but the fresh green scent makes me feel like I'm in a park where the grass has just been freshly mowed. Love it! 

I bought these candles at a homeware boutique store called Willow on Darby Street. If you are around Newcastle then you can head on there and give these candles a sniff. If not then you can try and head on to their website at www.foundgoodsmarket.com.

p.s : how cute are the cotton sacks that the candle comes in??

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