Style Recap : End of Summer

It's officially autumn here in Australia and we are saying goodbye to summer. In this post I thought that I would do a summary of some of my favourite pieces/looks of the summer months and things that I would change (if any).

Looking back at my previous outfit posts, my stand out piece for summer was definitely my white button down dress from urban outfitters. The material was perfect for summer, the cut was loose and flowy. It had a nice boho vibe and yet with different styling I could make it look edgy. My favourite way to wear it was over a pair of black jeans.

Another couple of looks that I loved are the Minimal and the Dressing Down Sequins. I've always been for minimal dressing because the aesthetic is simple yet chic at the same time. As for the latter, this was a surprising favourite. This is the only sequin number I have in my wardrobe and while I might not wear it as often, it is nice to bring out this number once in awhile to change up my dressing pattern.

While those were my favourites, there were a few things that I wish I could change. One of them is the ASOS Ridley Jeans in Minimal. Don't get me wrong, I love that pair of jeans. I wear it often but I wished I had gotten the ones without rips and made the rips myself. This one doesn't quite hit the knee, which makes the rips barely visible. It's the  height, people! #petiteproblems

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